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Properties of Our Coatings

The coatings we design are:

  • Durable: Due to the chemical bonding with the substrates, the coatings have superior interaction with a variety of substrates. In addition, the coating itself is durable and maintains its functionality longer, because the nanoparticles do not segregate over time, which is a problem with many other coatings on the market.
  • Thin: The coating can range from a few hundred nanometers to a few micrometers, depending on the thickness of the base.
  • Light: Typical weights are 0.1 to 1.0 micrograms per square meter. This is negligible for most applications but if a polymer or other base is required, then the resulting weight will be essentially that of the base.
  • Variable in Transparency: Transparency can range from completely opaque to highly transparent.
  • Functional: Some “smart” action can be provided (changing color with level of illumination, photocatalytic activity, roughness control, thermoluminescence, etc.).
  • Economical: The coatings typically use economical ceramic nanoparticles, straightforward manufacturing processes using existing equipment, and produce good coverage with less coating material.

The above properties are only meant as a guide. A great deal of customization is possible and the requirements of each situation need to be examined in detail.