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We have a number of technologies that have been lab tested and that can be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Our development approach is based on two key principles:

  1. We first and foremost work to satisfy business goals such as reducing cost, increasing profitability, improving products, or delivering environmental benefits; and
  2. We structure each development with you to minimize development cost and risk. We do this by performing “at-cost” initial development in exchange for a royalty, segmenting the work by milestones, or other mutually agreed upon strategies.

The specific steps will be different for each development project, but will typically include the following:

  1. An initial discussion to understand your needs. This can be done under a confidentiality agreement if required.
  2. You provide us with additional information and samples, as appropriate.
  3. We analyze the requirements and samples and then prepare a brief proposal. We normally price the initial development at cost in exchange for long term royalties. This lowers your risk and upfront costs until the technology is proven. Further risk management is possible using milestones during the initial development. Due to our pricing structure for initial development, CG2 NanoCoatings will typically retain IP ownership and product details until a long term agreement is in place, however we will normally provide exclusivity for the results of the development project.
  4. Both parties negotiate a development agreement or purchase order.
  5. We perform the initial research and test the solution as mutually agreed. This will normally include providing you with samples to test internally.
  6. We negotiate a long term agreement.