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CG2 NanoFuel

The CG2 NanoFuel technology consists of surfactant that in preliminary lab tests allows the mixing, without phase separation, of gasoline and distilled water in proportions ranging between 5% to 95% water. This surfactant is basically an emulsifier which combines the water into the gasoline as nano-sized droplets. The resulting CG2 NanoFuel is monodispersed (water droplets are a few nanometers in size) and demonstrated stability (as visually assessed) for over one year. The octane index could not be measured directly as it was over 100 but a mixture of 25% CG2 NanoFuel – 75% n-heptane yielded a measured index of 91 which was then extrapolated to well over 200 for pure CG2 NanoFuel. Preliminary corrosion studies showed that no appreciable corrosion was induced in steel.

The linked overview provides more details on the technology.